My music is a reflection of my own journey …


an auditory adventure that take listeners on an introspective voyage…



SFERIX, the talented German music producer, has carved out a solid place for himself in the diverse world of downbeat music. His artistic journey began with the renowned label Sine Music, which recognized his musical vision and signed him.

In his early years of creation, SFERIX explored the depths of the trance genre, already showcasing his knack for melodies and the ability to create captivating sonic landscapes. However, his musical curiosity led him to explore various genres. Inspired by the hypnotic sounds of “Massive Attack,” he ventured into the world of trip-hop and occasionally had fleeting encounters with drum and bass.

However, it was the fascination with chillout music that ultimately captured SFERIX’s heart, continuing to enchant him to this day. In the realm of chillout, he can fully unfold, delve deep into the innermost realms of the soul, and immerse himself in previously unexplored emotional spheres. His music is a reflection of his own journey, an auditory adventure that takes the listener on an introspective voyage.

SFERIX has not only established himself as a solo artist but also as a sought-after remixer for renowned artists such as Thomas Lemmer and SINE. His remixes bear his unmistakable signature, a blend of sophisticated soundscapes and empathetic atmospheres.

Another milestone in SFERIX’s career is his presence on globally recognized CD compilations such as Buddha Bar. His tracks find their way into the playlists of music lovers worldwide, and his influence in the electronic music scene continues to grow steadily.

With each new piece, SFERIX proves his versatility and ability to transcend the boundaries of electronic music. He remains a sound alchemist, touching the senses with his music and taking listeners on a journey through the layers of emotions. The future promises further exciting developments and innovative sounds from the pen of this visionary artist.