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Artist: Thomas Lemmer & Oine
Album: Drift (Single)



On 27-Oct-2023, Sine Music will release the eagerly anticipated single “Drift” by Thomas Lemmer & Oine. The single will be available on all well-known download and streaming portals.

This remarkable deep house track is the duo’s third single from their upcoming album, “One Vision”. Notably, the single and album will also be available in the immersive Dolby Atmos format.

Thomas Lemmer & Oine (Adrián Márquez) recently joined forces to collaborate on their album titled “One Vision”. This groundbreaking project transcends boundaries by merging various electronic music genres.

The single “Drift” uses gentle piano melodies to sweep you away as you surrender to the soft, danceable beat that beckons your soul to move. Dive into the depths of deep house, where ambient textures warmly embrace you, and a beautiful melody weaves a tapestry of emotion.

Experience the organic soundscapes and electronic magic that define this track, where a mesmerizing synth line and deep basses transport you to a world of sonic wonder. And for those seeking the ultimate audio experience, “Drift” is also available in Dolby Atmos, enveloping you in a three-dimensional sonic journey (available on Apple Music and Tidal).

Whether you’re looking to focus, dream, work, or simply let your thoughts drift, “Drift” is the perfect soundtrack for your journey.

Join Thomas Lemmer & Oine on this musical journey and let the sounds of the future captivate you!



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