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Artist: Lukas Midub & Thomas Lemmer
Album: Pulsar – Single



The much-anticipated release of “PULSAR,” a dynamic collaborative single by Lukas Midub & Thomas Lemmer, is out now!

Introducing a groundbreaking collaboration from two visionary artists: Lukas Midub, the Dub/Downtempo and Deep Electronic maestro hailing from the Czech Republic, and the esteemed Thomas Lemmer. Lukas, in the midst of crafting his debut album set to grace on our label, reached out to Thomas with a proposition: to join forces on several tracks for his upcoming release.

Upon hearing Lukas’s remarkable synthesis of dub-tech and Ambient atmospheres, sculpted entirely with hardware synths, Thomas was immediately captivated. Lukas’s production prowess shines through, showcasing a distinctive and unparalleled sonic identity.

Their collaboration, epitomized in the mesmerizing track “Pulsar,” embarks on a journey from serene Ambient beginnings to a dynamic crescendo of pulsating energy. Thomas’s delicate piano melodies intertwine seamlessly with Lukas’s innovative sound textures, laying the groundwork for an enthralling musical narrative. As the track unfolds, a pulsating Moog synth solo takes center stage, igniting a torrent of raw emotion as Thomas unleashes his artistic fervor.

“Pulsar” is a testament to the emotive potential of electronic music, transcending boundaries to evoke profound emotional depths. With Lukas Midub’s powerful debut on Sine Music and the synergy between these two exceptional artists, this single stands as a testament to their collective brilliance—a fusion of talent and creativity that leaves an indelible mark on the electronic music landscape.

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