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Artist: Thomas Lemmer
Album: Hope Remixed



Thomas Lemmer collaborated with a group of talented European remixers to create “HOPE REMIXED,” an exceptional remix album that follows the success of his album “HOPE.”

This upcoming album is set to release on June 23rd, 2023, and will be available for download and streaming on all major platforms.

The album starts with a fresh take on “The World Belongs to Us” by Oine, a rising star in the ambient/downtempo genre who has made waves in the Sine Music family with his outstanding musical taste and skillful production techniques.

Gold Lounge brings us an EDM version of the uptempo track “I Could” (feat. Esther Esrah), perfectly dancefloor and radio ready.

Glint, who previously worked on a remix for Thomas Lemmer, created a sparkling pop tune from the Thomas Lemmer & Tauon collaborative track “Love Me Now.” This remix is as tasteful as a sweet dessert, and you’ll find yourself wanting to listen on repeat.

Cosmaks transforms “Serenity,” an ambient track, into a warm and tasteful lo-fi beat that’s perfect for focusing, dreaming, or working. This version features an unexpected groove for the originally beatless song, and is sure to be found on many lo-fi related playlists.

Finally, Thomas Lemmer himself worked on a new version of “Serenity” to complete the album. He slowed down the original version using analog tape machines and added reverb textures that lift the track to another dimension. The analog feel and wide ambience make this song perfect for diving into a very deep experience.



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