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For him producing music means …

Polished Chrome

relaxing and a kind of therapy …

Polished Chrome

Polished Chrome

In the life of Polished Chrome aka Marc Chrome music has always played a large role. He took piano lessons for five years and continued as an autodidact, learning keyboard, computer et cetera. Composing melodies, creating soundscapes, turning his inner world to the outside with the music… that’s what has inspired him for over 25 years. The reasons for his fascination for electronic music are Beridox and High Density by Tandu & Trex, Brainchild Symmetry C, Icon Desire (Icarus Mix) and everything by “Behind the eye Vol. 2” by Eye Q Records.

On the other hand Marc’s taste in music has always been very manifold. Music has to trigger emotions. Polished Chrome tries to accomplish this exact thing with his music – to take the listener with him and tell a story.

After experimenting with different genres such as Hip Hop and House, having gigs and smaller releases he finally got in touch with the chillout label Sine Music in 2008. Polished Chrome just sent a demo in the old fashioned way and prompt two of his songs were signed to be released on the compilaiton “Cosmic Chill Lounge 2”. After all those years his dream came true! Polished Chrome was signed by a label… and what a label it is!

2009 already saw the first Polished Chrome release “First Experience”. Followed by numerous releases on various compilations such as “Chillbar”, “Le Cafe Abstrait” and so on.

After eight long years the new album “Happiness” is about to be released.

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