ELECTRIX is known …


for cool lounge-music with that certain ‘something’ …



Introducing Electrix, a luminary in the realm of Lounge and Downtempo music, where each composition bears the unmistakable mark of innovation. Founded in 2006 by the visionary Eric Horstmann, Electrix has carved a niche for itself, delivering not just music but an experience, elevated by an unparalleled touch.

With a musical repertoire spanning albums, EPs, and singles, Electrix’s creations have found a global audience, gracing numerous compilations with their distinct charm.

Eric Horstmann, a maestro in his own right, extends his artistry beyond conventional boundaries. As a pioneer in Dolby Atmos mixing, he has reshaped the landscape of Ambient and Downtempo music, setting new standards in immersive sound experiences. Noteworthy collaborations with industry luminaries such as Robin Schulz, Moderat, and David Guetta underscore his prowess, solidifying his position as one of Germany’s foremost Dolby Atmos mixers.

In his own words, Eric emphasizes the transformative power of Dolby Atmos, an unparalleled canvas for his musical vision. Whether through headphones or speakers, he strives to envelop his audience in ethereal soundscapes, blurring the lines between listener and creator.

Yet, Eric’s musical journey transcends the digital realm. Rooted in guitar craftsmanship, he has seamlessly transitioned to mastering keyboards, showcasing his dexterity as an arranger and composer.

Under the esteemed label Sine Music, Electrix has achieved milestones, from the soul-stirring “On the Rhodes” to the introspective journey of “… Coming Home,” each release a testament to Eric’s unwavering dedication to sonic excellence.

Residing in the vibrant city of Berlin, Eric channels his creativity from the sanctuary of his studio, Immersive Lab, where musical innovation knows no bounds.

In a testament to his ever-evolving artistry, Electrix embarks on a new chapter with the imminent release of a collaborative single alongside the esteemed artist Thomas Lemmer, a harbinger of exciting ventures on the horizon. Stay tuned as Electrix continues to illuminate the world with its transcendent melodies and visionary sonic landscapes.