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Artist: High On Isra
Album: Sad Sad Sad (EP)

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On June, 26th 2020 we will be releasing the very first EP “Sad Sad Sad” by our freshly signed German duo HIGH ON ISRA formed by Jo Bischofberger and Inken März. Their music is a humble blend of somewhat between Trip Hop and Tool. The EP will be available at all well-known download stores and streaming services.

We all know these music projects of two jack-of-all-trades that have learned to play a dozen different instruments ever since they were kids and have never unlearned dreaming whilst growing up. But this stylistic tightrope walk between electronic music, Independent and the foley-ish creation of sound doesn’t just sound daring – it sounds good.

You can dive into the swirl of thoughts, the hypnotizing soundscapes, lyrics and the engrossed voice of a dreamer. Untypical patterns, abrupt ends and what seems to be a snapshot: “When We Collide” kind of throws its feelings about here and now right in front of your feet. Do whatever you want with it.

Or you listen to the blend of the old and the new, to electric guitars, rapidly silenced strings, the untamed instrumental and the humble quiet. That‘s when you find yourself listening to “How Low”.

In either case you will remain with a feeling that it would be best to listen to HIGH ON ISRA in a cave. The walls just colorful enough but not too messy – to leave some space for your own drawings, dreams and toying around with your thoughts.

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