EVADEZ – Fractured


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Artist: EVADEZ
Album: Fractured
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Fractured makes you feel emotions without going through the experience behind the song itself. The base meaning of the album’s title is that 19 year old Christopher Gray personally has lived on almost a Fractured life for a while, however Evadez, founded in late 2013, and the music behind Evadez has lifted him up to recover. The opening track “To Forget Your Deception” takes you on a journey through mysterious soundscapes. “Enemy In The Bed” is a quiet and thoughtful track that makes you feel as if you could hear your enemy breathing right next to you. “Expression” is a stunning proof of Evadez’ passion for classical influences. While listening to “Imagine It” you’ll realize that this is something big, a mighty sounding piano in the centre of the song. It is a song like a maze: you’ll get lost in it – in a good way. “Exist” is what life itself sounds like: steady, sometimes disturbing but nevertheless hopeful. The last track of the album named “Myself As The Disease” is a profound way of letting you know what despair must feel like, done without the use of a single word. “Fractured” invites you to get lost in breathtaking soundscapes and being carried by melodies full of hope. Remember the maze and accept the invitation…

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