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Today Sine Music releases the album ‘Remerge’ which is a collection of remixed tracks taken from the recently released successful CD ‘Submerge’ by the Downtempo-Producer Flavio Maspoli aka ‘Merge of Equals’.

‘Remerge’ is available online at all well-known download stores.
Sine Music is proud to have secured the collaboration of world-wide renowned Chillout, Lounge and Downtempo producers for this album and it is amazing how wide the spectrum is that they have interpreted the tracks of ‘Merge of Equals’
The ‘Electrolounge Mix’ of the title ‘Heart of Gold’ from ‘Gold Lounge’ (Italy) or the remix of the title ‘Heart & Mind’ from Sine (Germany) have radio hit potential.
At the same time the remixes from renown artists such as ‘KLANGSTEIN’, ‘SUNSPHERE’, die ‘BOOT CUT ROCKERS’, ‘MARCO KABANA’ or ‘ALEXANDRA HAMPTON’ (USA) offer everything from quiet relaxing remixes to danceable grooves.
So: once again take a deep breath, close your eyes and dive into the world of ‘ Merge of Equals’ – you may never want to surface again…
Remerge. – ‘The World is One’

01 Heart Of Gold ( Gold Lounge Electrolounge Short Mix)

[with Gina Estrada] 02 Heart Of Gold ( Sunsphere Mix) [with Gina Estrada] 03 Heart Of Gold ( Stoned By Klangstein Mix) [with Gina Estrada] 04 Heart Of Gold ( Sine Finca Am Meer Mix) [with Gina Estrada] 05 Heart & Mind ( Sunsphere Mix) [with Sitta] 06 Heart & Mind ( Sine Mix) [with Sitta] 07 Magic (Kabana Mix) [with Gina Estrada] 08 Magic (Boot Cut Rockers Mix) [with Gina Estrada] 09 Atesh (Alexandra Hampton Mix) [with Sitta] 10 Heart Of Gold ( Gold Lounge Electrolounge Mix) [with Gina Estrada]