Toteles – Laidback

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Artist: Toteles
Album: Laidback (Single)



On August 18th, 2023, Sine Music will be releasing the new single “Laidback“ by Toteles. The single will be available in all well-known download stores and streaming services.

“Laidback“ – just sit back and enjoy the moment. Easily done with Toteles’ new track. With elements from the chillhop genre and lo-fi beats, the song creates a relaxed atmosphere.

“Laidback“ features an elegant combination of piano, strings, trumpets, synthesizers, warm analogue basses and subtle vocals. The different instruments blend harmoniously with each other and create a dreamlike soundscape. The track takes you on a mental journey, looking out on a lake, lingering in the shade of the trees.

With its sensitive sound and gentle beats, Toteles creates a relaxed mood that allows you to leave the stress of everyday life behind. With “Laidback“, Toteles once again proves his talent for creating catchy melodies and fascinating soundscapes. Dive into the relaxing world of Toteles and let yourself be enchanted by “Laidback“.



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