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Artist: Toteles
Album: Cynosure (Single)



On December 9th, 2022 we will be releasing Toteles’ new single “Cynosure“. The single will be available in all well-known download stores and streaming services.

Cynosure starts with full bass and chords energy. A heavy beat drives us through infinity. On mysterious spheres and promising melodies the song leads us to the one goal. With potentiating tension, we experience an incredible power that drives and moves us.

Cynosure is the Old English term for the North Polar Star, which served as a navigational aid and guiding star for people at that time. It shows the way in the darkness and guides us to our goals. Just such a signpost was shown on a plaque of the Pioneer probe. The plaque consists of two golden plates on board the spacecraft and depicts drawings of people and a star map to our planet Earth, our home. One of several space probes launched into space in Toteles’ birth year, 1977. Other Voyager probes followed. The goal of the golden plates was that extraterrestrial beings might one day discover these maps and seek us out.

To this day, Toteles is still drawn to the space probe and its mission. The idea that extraterrestrial beings could one day discover these maps and search for us fascinates him. A journey to Earth with unclear intent. An endless journey from another star to our home.

Cynosure provides the soundtrack for this breathtaking idea – towards our sun. Let faith be your cynosure to follow.



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