Thomas Lemmer & Christoph Sebastian Pabst – Meerblick


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Artist: Thomas Lemmer & Christoph Sebastian Pabst
Album: Meerblick



After the great success of the two short albums (EPs) Meeresleuchten (translated: marine phosphorescence) and Tiefblauhorizont (translated: deep blue horizon), it was time for the first album of Thomas Lemmer & Christoph Sebastian Pabst. As the completion of a series of marine inspirations, the name couldn’t be more fitting: Meerblick (translated: sea view)!

The album will be released on 17th of May by the renowned Chillout/Ambient label Sine Music and will be available as a limited CD as well as on all known download and streaming portals.

In addition to the familiar songs from the EPs, there will be new tracks with a love of detail, beautiful sounds and new elements. The impressive complete works of the two artists comprise 16 titles. Varied, creative and in love with detail, the two work on the theme of the sea.

The song Gezeitenkräfte (translated: tidal forces) lets the power of the sea be heard deep inside with deep synthesizer pads, wide spheres, mysterious melodies and floating piano elements.

In Surfwellensommer (translated: surf wave summer) the beautiful sound of a hang drum was used as a basic element for the first time. Driving rhythms with supporting synthesizer melodies and spherical elements create a warm atmosphere that leads you safely through a glowing wave tunnel.

With the well-known instrument of the Chinese vaulted zither, the guzheng, Belugakliff (translated: beluga cliff) generates a slowly building carpet of sound accompanied by the sound of the sea, which with the addition of beautiful piano elements is able to create a wonderfully free and peaceful feeling.

Since the sea, with its balanced habitat, is increasingly threatened by man, a thought-provoking song was not to be missed on the album Meerblick, which addresses a current and for the future very important topic with Plastikfluten (translated: plastic floods).

To preserve the mysterious world and beauty of the oceans, we all need to reflect on ourselves and our consumption. The song Plastikfluten is not supposed to remind us with a raised index finger, but to sensitize us with a deep feeling and connection to the sea and to show us what effects our lifestyle can have on these wonderful habitats.

With “Meerblick” (sea view) Thomas Lemmer & Christoph Sebastian Pabst have created a beautiful and intense album. Perfect for letting yourself fall into the music and drift away.

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