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Artist: Tauon
Album:Tisno Ep



Today we are releasing the new melodic-house EP “Tisno” by artist Tauon. The EP contains five tracks and will be available in all well-known download stores and streaming services.

It all began with a Sunset Chill sampler that accompanied Tauon and his long-time friend on their annual holiday in Croatia. Since then, this sampler has been with them every year and is largely responsible for Tauon’s inspiration for his EP “Tisno”.

The opening track “Tisno”, which also gives the EP its name, is full of euphoria. It is the beginning of a wonderful holiday, so to speak, and at the same time a tribute to the “home base” of the two friends: the cosy bungalow, which is located in a quiet bay surrounded by olive groves, very close to the village of Tisno.

The song “Croc Mountain” is a brief rewind to the journey itself. Tauon explains: “As soon as we crossed the border to Croatia, at some point on the journey there is a very green mountain on the right, which looks like a crocodile from a distance. When we see it, we know we’ll be there soon.”

“Just Let it Go”, the first single from the EP, is a reminder of how important it is to really leave stress and worries behind on a holiday. With a minimalist beat, soulful vocals and slow-moving string arrangements, the song provides the perfect mood for finding yourself in the here and now.

The track “Pirovac” is dedicated to the fishing village of the same name, which is always the first “port of call” after a long journey. A cappuccino and a beer are the first drinks in a small café on the beach every year. A ritual that has now been given its very own soundtrack in the form of the minimalist, groovy track “Pirovac”.

The song “Olive Trees” closes the circle of the “Tisno” EP. The bungalow where the two friends spend their holidays every year is surrounded by many olive trees, which enrich the Croatian landscape with their wonderful aura. “Olive Trees” is the perfect house track for dancing under them at night, breathing in the scent of the trees and the sea and savouring every second.

Tauon says: “When we have to go back home, we always take plenty of olive oil with us so that we remember our holiday even longer”. For all those who can’t be on holiday at the moment, instead of olive oil there is the “Tisno” EP to take you to a pulsating house oasis.

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