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Artist: Tauon
Album: Retreat (Single)



On August 4th, 2023, Sine Music will be releasing the first single “Retreat” from Tauon’s upcoming EP “City Life”. The single will be available in all well-known download stores and streaming services.

We all need it, our personal retreat. It can help us to come down, to look back on situations and things, to regain our energy, to have time for ourselves and to focus on our own well-being. We don’t necessarily need a holiday, a weekend at the spa or something like that every time… But what we do need, for example, are small quiet zones in or around our own home to find security, refuge or even comfort in everyday life.

Tauon says: “I myself often go to the forest, which is a ten minutes’ walk away from me. Without a mobile phone. Simply withdrawing from everyday life to find inner peace again“.

“Retreat” is a musical way for you to enjoy your inner peace.



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