Tauon – City Life Ep

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Artist: Tauon
Album: City Life Ep



On October 13th, 2023, Sine Music will be releasing the new EP “City Life” by Tauon. The EP will be available in all well-known download stores and streaming services.

The alarm clock rings – get up – off to the city – into the hustle and bustle. The title track “City Life” takes us into the morning wake-up – functioning before you are mentally fully present. Everywhere life is already pulsating, everywhere busyness, hectic. “City Life” sets the rhythm.

“Time Out” heralds the lunch break. The longed-for, short time-out. Finally letting your mind wander, pausing, taking time for yourself, being offline, looking up at the sky, watching clouds… being on holiday in your mind for a short while.

“Out of Town” – Finally finishing time, out of the city. The pulse of the city becomes quieter and quieter until it falls silent out in the countryside. Leaving the skyscrapers and the hustle behind you, the countryside reveals itself with aesthetic and calming vastness.

“Homeward” – almost home. In a moment you will see the house and the joy grows. Leave the stress of the day outside the door and enter the peace of your home.

“Retreat” – your favourite places are calling you. Maybe sit in your favourite corner and read a book? Maybe go into the garden and listen to the birds chirping? Or go for a short walk? Finally, time for yourself. Welcome to peace and quiet.

“Confused Butterfly” – it seems to you like the city people this morning, this disoriented butterfly. Always towards the light, on the verge of burning itself. This spectacle makes it clear to you how much you have already arrived at your rest. City life is far behind you today, only this butterfly reminds you of it.



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