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Artist: Sferix & Christoph Sebastian Pabst
Album: Voyage Ep



The new EP “Voyage”, the result of a collaboration between Sferix and Christoph Sebastian Pabst is out now and available in all well-known download stores and streaming services.

The opening and title track “Voyage” is the start of an exciting journey. The beat sounds like the determined steps towards your destination, the sounds of the arpeggiator rain down on you like ideas and sensory impressions. The song represents the wonderful, ethereal journey of the duo Sferix and Christoph Sebastian Pabst, in which the harmonious fusion of both artists into a homogeneous soundscape can be marvelled at.

The sound design of “Moon” is as clear as a cloudless sky in the middle of the night. Sferix, known for his innovative downbeat and electronic sounds, laid the foundation for the project with a collection of captivating ideas. Christoph Sebastian Pabst, inspired by the variety of analogue sounds and pulsating beats, added new melodies, pads and warm analogue basses to the compositions, which ultimately led to the birth of their first song together “Moon”.

Slowly and in a rhythmically pulsating soundscape, the sun rises on the horizon in the song “Shine” until it reaches its musically radiant climax. With a calm beat and an interesting musical mix of strings and synthesizers, “Shine” radiates a harmonious warmth for all those who are looking for it.

“Forms” begins with a pulsating beat, synthesizer bass-line and cleverly programmed synthesizer parts, forming a visionary, danceable unit. Strings give the song a grounded, calm note, while relaxed guitar sounds shimmer through. With its danceable unity, “Forms” represents the creative unity of the two artists. Each of them brings a particular musical gift to the table, which merges into a unified form.

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