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Artist: Setsuna
Album: Zäme EP



On February 22nd, 2022 Sine Music will be releasing the new Ambient EP “Zäme” by Setsuna. The EP contains four tracks and will be available in all well-known download stores and streaming services.

After several years since his last release, Setsuna releases his new EP “Zäme”. After finishing the last album “Evolve” Erik Heirman realized that he had expressed what he wanted in this style of music and his interest in other styles of music and topics outside music grew. He says: “No longer listening to music from a producer’s point of view, but instead appreciating other people’s art simply for what their pieces of music transported, was like a breath of fresh air and taking a break was really liberating.” This break was coupled with many personal changes, including a move from Hamburg, Germany to Zürich, Switzerland, developing a passion for Agile and Human Centric ways of working and finding back to meditation. Most importantly in this time, he met his fiancé, Oona who is the muse for the opening track on the EP.

The title of the EP “Zäme” is a word their two-year-old son introduced to Erik. In Swiss German it loosely translates to “together” or “belonging” and implies a deep connection. It is used to describe the feeling of a family or group of friends spending time with each other and sharing a feeling of belonging together. This can also be seen as the connection we share with the larger whole. Especially in times where there seems to be so much division, this expression deeply touched Erik. As he explains: “Our son was born right at the beginning of the pandemic… I quickly realized how lucky I was to have the warmth and support of my family, and my heart went out to people having to face these times more or less on their own. This feeling of “belonging” is a big part of what inspired me to write this EP.”

The opening track “Oona” is a love letter to Erik’s fiancé and puts the slower but steady, more centered and patient approach that she has shared with him, into a musical context.

The track “Whisper” is the result of a night session in Erik’s studio in Zürich, having some laughs with his friend Jeevan. The track explores a sound design oriented approach, with many layers of analogue synths intertwining into an ever evolving stream of sound around a vocal theme and broken beats.

The track “Nocturna” captures a very clear and mild autumn night in Zürich, where the windows to the studio were open and the quiet calm felt beneath the stars while taking breaks was transported into the music.”

The final track on the EP “Together” is a playful exploration of this feeling of togetherness and shares the strength and possibility that comes from supporting each other.



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