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Artist: Klangstein
Album: Viela



On January 29th, 2021 Sine Music will be releasing Klangstein’s new album “VIELA”. The album will be available in all well-known download stores and streaming services.

“VIELA” is a twelve track album that starts off with a soft “Awakening” and then continues with the title track. “VIELA” sounds like a dark and technoid underground club hit. It then slowly becomes lighter but the arpeggios will still find their way into your spine. You probably won’t be able to not dance.

The album cover looks somewhat cryptic at first sight. Is it an aquarelle? Is it a scarf made of silk? Well, maybe it’s “Chemicals”. A dark blue liquid that flows like Depeche Mode and draws you towards cold and mechanical arpeggios.

Talking of 80’s vibes: “Electric Penguin” is the neon light twin of Miami Vice. It makes you want to put on your white jacket and roll around your city after sunset. A shiny tune for glamorous nights.

“Querbeat” is a minimalistic, percussive and sound-collage-like song that slowly adds layer after layer. There are dozens of different sounds to be discovered until the main melody takes the lead.

Klangstein’s “VIELA” is a varied album that offers a wide range of emotions. Dance, relax, dream. Everything’s possible with “VIELA”.


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