Jonathan E. Blake – Reverie

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Artist: Jonathan E. Blake
Album: Rêverie



On August 5th, 2022 Sine Music will be releasing Jonathan E. Blake’s new album “Rêverie”. The album contains 14 tracks and will be available in all well-known download stores and streaming services.

Jonathan E. Blake shows on his album “Rêverie” a dazzling wealth of facets. He was also inspired by the young genre lo-fi while working on his album: “Lo-fi chill captivates with a certain simplicity, acoustic imperfection, minimalism. Because unlike other genres, it’s not about captivating the listener with driving beats, deep bass or complex vocals. Lo-fi chill is all about slowing down the listener,getting them to dream, to relax, to switch off,” Jonathan E. Blake says. And that’s exactly the mission he has accomplished with a total of 14 tracks.

“Rêverie” (or “reverie”) is a colorful mixture of classic lo-fi ingredients such as crackling vinyl, dirty snares, piano and guitar sounds or other acoustic instruments as Jonathan E. Blake picked up in his atmospheric song “Sorrow Rain”. The tracks vary between classic lo-fi and correspondingly slow, catchyhooks and melodies like in the song “Shaka Brah”, which is just as suitable for enjoying Sunday morning coffee as it is for chilling on the beach with friends and letting the day wind down.

A unique yet accessible mix of genres can be enjoyed in “Sidestep Fool”. Groovy beats with soothing vinyl crackle and 90s retro bass synths.

Letting yourself drift by electro-influenced beats and laying on the spherical sound carpet to watch the stars. That’s “Rêverie.”



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