Gold Lounge – Never Give Up

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Artist: Cosmaks
Album: Introspection (EP)



On May 1st, 2020 we will be releasing Gold Lounge’s new album “Never Give Up”. The album contains ten tracks and will be available at all well-known download stores and streaming services.

A little less chill, a little more funk. That’s the vibe of “Never Give Up” in a nutshell. Grown up with funky bass lines, danceable grooves and Jazz chords Gold Lounge mixes these early influences with electronic music which he discovered later in life. “I deeply fell in love with artists like Moroder and Kraftwerk as they represented a breath of fresh air for my ears,” says Michele Felloni. And with this album he has created a wonderful blend of analogue, funky sounds and electronic music. Female and male vocals complete this mood lifting album.

The album’s title track is an easy going disco song with brass elements and a “Let’s do this” attitude that you won’t be able to resist. Still Gold Lounge shows with songs like “I Need Time” that Chillout music is a huge part of his musical home.

So put on your dancing shoes or just make yourself comfortable – whatever you choose to do, just “Never Give Up”.

As Gold Lounge is located in Bergamo, Italy this song also marks a spark of hope to him due to the critical health situation that especially Italian citizens currently suffer from caused by the Corona virus. When Gold Lounge named his upcoming album “Never Give Up” none of us could have imagined how important messages as these could be to the world only a few weeks later.

Let’s stay strong together and dance – even if we’re alone at home. We’ll never be lonesome.

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