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Artist: Gold Lounge
Album: E-Scape Ep



On October 20th, 2023 Sine Music will be releasing the new EP “E-Scape“ by Italian producer Gold Lounge. The five-track EP will be available in all well-known download stores and streaming services.

“E-Scape“ takes you on a transformative sonic voyage with melodic house blended with chillout. Its collection of tracks offers a diverse range of musical experiences: from the pulsating beats that evoke a sense of freedom to the ethereal melodies that invite contemplation, this EP paints a vivid sonic landscape, inspiring you as an individual to embark on your own personal path.

“E-Scape“ is a play on words that is meant to signify the desire to escape from the pressing daily grind, escape from our offices, from the bondage of our smartphones and from the rhythms that have been imposed on us by the digital world.

Gold Lounge says: “In a world constantly bombarded with information and demands, ‘E-Scape‘ invites you to detach from the digital shackles and immerse yourself in a soundscape that nurtures the soul“.

In perfect Gold Lounge style “E-Scape“ is carefully crafted with evolving and intricate melodies supported by groovy rhythms that transport you to a place of introspection while you move your feet. The music effortlessly blends melodic elements with warm and natural tones as well as captivating rhythms, with the serene ambiance of chillout, inducing a state of peace. So you can fully “E-Scape“.



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