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Artist: Ferndance
Album: Hallucinations



On June 3rd, 2022, we will be releasing the new album “Hallucinations” by our freshly signed Australian producer Ferndance. The album will be available in all well-known download stores and streaming services.

The second album by Ferndance is a gloomy and experimental excursion into ambient music from a very different point of view. “Hallucinations” could be described as drone ambient. Despite the heaviness of the sounds the light and soaring guitar sounds spread hope and joy.

About the work on his album, Ferndance says: “I have always been in love with drone and ambient music and love incorporating field recordings and natural sounds into my songs. That can be anything from birds to washing machines, plastic bags and rivers to then manipulate the samples to create organic textures.“

The songs on the track list of “Hallucinations” merge perfectly. “Madrigal II” is the second song on the album. It’s a spherical yet catchy piece of ambient music. With low-end like a heartbeat and whispering strings, the song takes you into another world.

You can hear the handwriting of Ferndance in every layer of his music. He plays

a collection of instruments including guitar, violin, cello, bass, piano and synthesizer. He composes his own string sections with multi layered harmonies of violin and cello that hover above the sound of soaring guitars.

Listening to Ferndance’s album “Hallucinations” is an experience of its own. It’s truly impressing and calming. You can watch kaleidoscope patterns slowly dancing around while feeling the sounds of Ferndance’s music.



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