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Artist: Christoph Sebastian Pabst & Valeska Rautenberg
Album: Wonderland EP



On November 26th 2021, Sine Music will be releasing the EP “Wonderland” by Christoph Sebastian Pabst and Valeska Rautenberg. The EP will be available for streaming and download on all well known platforms.

„The way we inspired each other, and what led to writing these wonderful songs together was stunning!”, says Christoph amazed. After his solo debut “Time We Never Had” he now releases the spheric ambient/ indie pop EP “Wonderland” in cooperation with singer and musician Valeska Rautenberg. A cooperation

between Bavaria and Berlin.

The music they created is an impressive blend of ambient, neo-classic, indietronica and vocals. The songs are deeply emotional and convey clarity and vastness. Valeska knows how to enchant you with her brilliant voice and her soulful lyrics. Accompanied by the piano, sometimes with cinematic strings and choirs in reverberation chambers, her work amazes and fascinates.

The title track “Wonderland“ is a tribute to Alice in Wonderland. It’s a magical composition with impressive lyrics and vocals. The piano is accompanied by a spherical soundscape of strings and choirs. These elements may even make the Cheshire Cat appear in your mind amidst an enchanted scenery ;-).

The delicate and glittering atmosphere of “And I Run”, together with the lyrics, move in the complex territory of being human: two souls that are deeply connected, craving freedom, a self-determined life, and the exploration of love in all its different shades.

“Butterfly Wings” charms with its classic blend of vocals and piano: dynamic, light, and melancholic yet inspiring in a special way. The song is touching and opens the eyes and ears to the essence of life, to what is far too often forgotten.

The ambience of “I Wish I Had Known Before” reminds the listener of a haunting film score. The fantastic mixture of various elements creates a deep experience, asks about meaning and sharpens the vision for what’s inside of the self.

The two artists got to know each other via a mutual musician friend, with whom Christoph has released two successful albums and who has also already worked together with Valeska. While Christoph sat at the piano and composed “Butterfly Wings”, he felt that this song needed vocals and asked Valeska if she wanted to be a part of it. He was able to enthuse her in no time and thus their first work together began. Overwhelmed by the results the two of them knew that their project has huge potential.

If you dive into this musical world, you will forget everything that surrounds you and you will drift off to a dream land.



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