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Artist: Christoph Sebastian Pabst
Album: Sweven Ep



On October 6th 2023, Sine Music will be releasing the new EP “Sweven“ by Christoph Sebastian Pabst. The EP will be available in all well-known download stores and streaming services.

Christoph Sebastian Pabst presents the captivating EP “Sweven“ – A journey through memories and emotions. A multi-layered soundscape with five unique songs. Each track takes you on an extraordinary musical journey that awakens memories and delves deep into the emotional world.

The EP “Sweven“ starts with the title track “Sweven“, a beautiful, atmospheric piece that creates a fairytale-like mood with a lo-fi piano, soft beats and spherical elements. It creates the feeling of adventure and fantasy. This powerful yet emotional track touches the heart.

With “Oblivion“, Christoph Sebastian Pabst presents another captivating song on the EP. This atmospheric track with a lo-fi piano, soft beats and spherical elements takes you into a world of memories and transience. “Oblivion“ holds the forgotten and reveals the beauty of our roots. With its powerful and at the same time melancholic mood, it touches your soul.

With jazzy elements, “Loom“ takes you to a café on the beach during sunset. With a soft lo-fi piano, a relaxed beat and spherical elements, “Loom“ creates an atmospheric mood that is slightly melancholic, calming and dreamy.

“Flux“ is a track carried by warm sounding synthesizers. A light melody and a crisp and sawtooth-like bass combine with a lo-fi beat to create a hypnotising whole. Relaxed strings in the break reinforce the flowing and merging atmosphere. “Flux“ reflects the incessant change in our world and our existence on the current of time.

The EP “Sweven“ reaches its emotional climax with “Innermost“. This track delves into our deepest feelings, dreams and desires. The lo-fi piano with tape echo and the soft lo-fi beat create a melancholic mood, while a warm bass and a delicate melody permeate the atmosphere. “Innermost“ takes you on an introspective journey that leads you into your innermost desires.

Be curious about the EP “Sweven“, which offers an extraordinary soundscape with its songs “Sweven“, “Oblivion“, “Loom“, “Flux“ and “Innermost“. Dive into the fascinating world of Christoph Sebastian Pabst and let yourself be enchanted by the multi-layered emotions and creative musicality!



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