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Artist: Christoph Sebastian Pabst
Album: Lorn Ep



On March 17th, 2023 Sine Music will be releasing the new EP “Lorn“ by Christoph Sebastian Pabst. The EP contains four tracks and will be available in all well-known download stores and streaming services.

“Lorn“ is the second EP after the previous one “Time We Never Had“ and is the latest instrumental composition by Christoph Sebastian Pabst. It is a mesmerizing journey through sound and emotion. With its haunting melodies, textured soundscapes, and masterful use of instrumentation, this whole EP takes you on a journey through a range of feelings and moods. From the opening notes, “Lorn“ draws you in with its evocative, otherworldly sound, and keeps you captivated until the final note fades away.

“Ephemeral“ continues this by creating a melancholic but warm atmosphere that addresses the transience of life. A lo-fi beat and bass provide the foundation. The beauty of the delicate and ephemeral in a harsh yet wonderful world.

“Born“ offers a more optimistic perspective, showing the joy and beauty of life. An enchanting melody on the piano. Soft and emotional strings move in the background. Images pass us by as if in a dream. Memories of ups and downs from the gift of life. From the beginning.

“Solace“ – a feeling of peace and relief returns. A gentle melody with warm, analog bass. Slowly and gently, an arpeggiator sets soft sounds in the room. A song to take a breath and relax.

Christoph Sebastian Pabst, known for his skillful blending of classical and electronic elements, has outdone himself with this latest release. “Lorn“ showcases his ability to create music that is both experimental and accessible, and it’s a must-listen for fans of instrumental music, experimental music and electronic music. Don’t miss out on this immersive and captivating work from Christoph Sebastian Pabst and let yourself be mesmerized.



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