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Artist: Blooy
Album: Elegies to spring EP



On July 16th, 2021 Sine Music will be releasing Blooy’s lo-fi chillout debut EP “Elegies to Spring”. The four-track EP will be available in all well-known download stores and streaming services.

Blooy, based in Amsterdam, is Sine Music’s freshly signed new lo-fi chillout artist. Blooy (Frank Wijn) started working on this solo project during the Corona period. Already active as a producer and songwriter from the beginning of this millennium, Frank worked on several dance and chillout projects together with Dorian Broekhuyse. This duo launched their nu-classical project “Bardo State” in 2008, especially known from their internationally acclaimed song “Sospiro” (album “Mariposa”).

Blooy’s sound is its own unique flavor of chillout that’s fueled by dreamy electronics, lo-fi hip-hop beats, drama-filled instrumentation and melancholic soundscapes.

Blooy worked with the acclaimed jazz/pop guitarist Anton Goudsmit on the song “Carousel” which has its very own pace, soothing and dreamy, and somewhat reminiscent of oriental scales.

The second song on the EP “Demain dès l’aube“ starts off with the first two verses of the poem of the same name by French poet Victor Hugo. The words and the music form a unity that is absorbed in thought and melancholy. “Demain dès l’aube“ means “tomorrow, at dawn”.

The chord progression of “Aeon” is a little hint at Blooy’s new wave roots in his late teens. As for the arrangement and instrumentation however, Blooy has written and produced a wonderful piece of lo-fi chillout music. The vibraphone sways in and out of tune, creating a dreamy and mellow vibe along with the crackling of vinyl, mixed with a downtempo hip-hop beat.

Track number four closes the well-produced circle of Blooy’s debut EP. “Love is Wise” is a repetitive downtempo tune, highly enriched with instrumental hooks.

Blooy’s debut EP “Elegies to spring” will mesmerize you and expand the possibilities of where chillout music can go.



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