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Today we’re releasing the new compilation “Offline Volume One”. The compilation is available at all well-known download stores.
!There’s just too much going on all the time… That’s why you should care for yourself from time to time. Just go offline before someone puts a spoke in your wheel.
That will be absolutely no problem with this compilation: Klangstein, Merge Of Equals, Thomas Lemmer, Clelia Felix, Normandie and many more artists help you to dream youself away and forget the everyday stress.
!”Offline Volume One” is a guarantee for relaxation. And maybe it will even take you above the clouds…

1. Gordon Geco – Individuum 2. Sensodrom – Jetzt oder Nie 3. Merge Of Equals feat. Sine – Weil er da ist 4. Ganga – Aura 5. Sine – Lost and never found 6. Setsuna – Ether 7. Polished Chrome – Always you 8. Gold Lounge – You’re too late 9. Merge Of Equals feat.Virág – All about time 10. Glint – A Fleeting Glance 11. Tim Angrave – Faith In You (Five Seasons Confidence Remix) 12. Steely M – Grainsville 13. Normandie – Beach 14. Klangstein – Eclipse 15. Softwaver – Enough Space 16. Clelia Felix – When you come home 17. Electrix – Je me vois 18. Sferix – Together 19. Polished Chrome – Circle 20. Loungechiller – Under The Rainbow 21. Randy Seidman – Fazura (Polished Chrome Remix) 22. Asian Spirit – Moonlight Vibe 23. Thomas Lemmer feat. Naemi Joy – White Room (Florian Shipke Remix Radio Edit) 24. Gordon Geco – Pulse of ibiza 25. Thomas Lemmer – Constant Flow (Waldläufer Remix)