Moonlik is coming back with a new magical and simply wonderful EP. His new EP “Higher Station” is available now at all well-known download stores.

“Higher Station” truly takes your mind somewhere above the clouds. Hypnotic melodies, soft beats, groovy bass lines combined with a good French taste.

Malik Fahem aka Moonlik entrances the audience with his first piece “Once It Starts” featuring the great French composer Cyesm. Once it starts with the beautiful harmonies – there is no way to stop listening. It pleases the ears while calming your soul.

The journey continues with “Galaxy Travelers” featuring Russian vocalist and producer Eleonora. A sensual, deep voice flows over smooth sounds making your heart truly fragile. In this absence of gravity, walking through dreamy paths, Moonlik leads you to the next unexpected place “Behind Your Soul”. After exploring hidden parts of mind, we move further to the last track of the EP “My World” feat. Eleonora. Now Moonlik’s world, the mysterious place he just has created, is yours as well.

“Higher Station” is unique. It touches you somewhere deep. It’s distant but so near.