The new five track EP by Evadez named „Life In Wires“, is out now at all well-known download stores.

Following the release of Kaleidoscape, Evadez went through a brief stage of relaxation, in which the project itself evolved to a new level. With „LifeInWires“, a lot of inspiration was not only taken from similar Chillout and Ambient. The introduction of various Avant Garde, Trip Hop, Dark Ambient, Noise, Drone and soundtracks of various releases that incorporated the use of analogue technology to bring a sense of warmth to already floruishing scores.

The name „Life In Wires” comes from the love of Modular Synthesizers both aesthetically and sound wise. The use of “Wires” to connect together a machine into a much more elaborate and explorative setup is in some aspects a way that the artist himself lives his life, using new and unknown paths to come to an ultimately newer and more defined destination.

In conclusion both performance and recording based „Life In Wires“ is a completely different form of art in comparison to the beginning of Evadez “Fractured“. However the message is still to drive the love of melodies, textures and exploring in the electronic atmosphere of the music world.