Thomas Lemmer constantly tries to evolve and develop his music further. His new album AMBITRONIC is a statement introducing a new era of electronic music. A definition.
“I wanted to create an Ambient album which surprises and which stretches the bow a little further towards Electronic music. Something new, something outstanding.”
No sooner said than done; Thomas Lemmer started working on the successor of his shortly released album PURE.
AMBITRONIC became a mixture of deep Ambient and sophisticated Electronic sounds. Connected through a sound which carries his own distinctive handwriting. Amongst these tracks, you’ll find a collaboration with nobody less than SINE.
“I’m deeply grateful and honored having the opportunity to work with Thomas Hauser (SINE). Finally, we found the time in our schedules to write and produce this wonderful track.”
AMBITRONIC invites you to close your eyes and dive into a new world, dreamlike, recreational and far away from everything ordinary.
A definition.