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The man behind Gold Lounge is Michele Felloni (aka Michele Effe) from Bergamo, Italy. Many are
already familiar with his work through Sine Music compilations, to which he is a regular contributor. At
last he has combined his best songs with new, previously unreleased, compositions on a 13-track

His music is broad, deep, hypnotic and at the same time melodic and intuitive. Michele Felloni grew
up in the 70’s and 80’s influenced by bands like Earth, Wind & Fire, Giorgio Maroder, Simple Minds,
Tears For Fears and Depeche Mode. He began his career in the 90’s as a DJ in many Italian clubs.
During a holiday in 2005 on the ‘Party Island’ of Ibiza he discovered the Chillout and Lounge genres
and was immediately fascinated. A fascination that has prevailed to the present day. Since then he
has been producing many tracks that can be found on various international compilations and has
become one of the most sought-after producers in Italy.

The album’s title ‘Double Life’ is a metaphor for the lifestyle of Michele Felloni. One side of his life
conforms to the grayness of everyday life, but nights and at weekends the other Michele Felloni
explodes with the colourful, vibrant creativity of a Musician and producer.

Enjoy the colourful side of Michele Felloni with his new project Gold Lounge.


01 Touch me
02 Promised land
03 Only a dream
04 Open your mind
05 We’ll fly* (feat. Juliet Annerino)
06 Night wind
07 Notes from the depth
08 Aqua pura
09 Aegean summer
10 Far emotions
11 World koma
12 Lonely beach
13 Tasmanian hills