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Today we’re releasing the new album by Setsuna entitled “Evolve”. The album is available on CD and at all well known download stores.
“Evolve” is a very personal album for Erik Heirman: in his own words, the songs describe moments of intense change, introspection and reflection.
!Moving away from lounge, towards synthetic electronica, the majority of the tracks are instrumental and feature performances with some of Hamburg’s best session players. The only vocals on the album are by Erik’s 4-year- old son Noa, 9-year-old Lea and a traditional Japanese street musician.
Musical ideas and sound design on “Evolve” follow a no compromise attitude, which is supported by many first take recordings of the live musicians. Using this rich base sound, the album fluidly moves between down tempo, synthetic, cinematic and ambient directions.
The album can be described as moody, electronic, rough and yet still soothing for heart and mind. Most songs were written, recorded and produced in a few days. Some in just a few hours. The continuity of the album from start to end is witness to the intensity with which Setsuna pursued these musical ideas.
Enjoy “Evolve” – may it move your heart wherever it wishes to go.