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Today Electrix releases his third album entitled “III”. The album is available on CD and at all well known download stores.

Melodious and feeling sounds – Electrix’ special subject, which he proves another time on his third album. All good things come in threes, so the album’s name would of course be “III”.

Fine Lounge-Music, partly with vocals. Gentle sounds like a summerbreeze. Relaxing like listening to a wind chime. On quiet summerdays you could listen to this album in a continuous loop.

Lie in the grass, look into the sky and get the right soundtrack – listen to “III” and dream yourself away.

01 Moonlight 02 Green Waves 03 Emma Loves The Sun 04 Universe 05 Lost Place 06 Je Me Vois 07 Black Beauty 08 Amadeus 09 One Step Further 10 Painted By The Light 11 Stardust 12 Little Bee 13 Off To Mars