Haven’t heard from „Cosmic Chill Lounge“ for quite some time. Four years have passed since the release of the last compilation of this series. But there’s a comeback looming of this Chillout chart success:
On 26th of May 2017 Sine Music will be finally releasing „Cosmic Chill Lounge Vol. 7“. The compilation will be available as download at all well-known downloadstores.

Awoken from its beauty sleep the seventh edition of this series offers simply the latest, best and many exclusive tracks. 26 tracks and a playing time of at least 140 minutes.
„Sine – Glittering Waves“ let’s you find peace at blazing heat, fan your face and enjoy the moment. Until there’s that refreshment you’ve craved for with „Dr. Deep House – Stonewashed“ . Dip your toes into the seawater and watch the waves move. And maybe have a cocktail?
Many of the Sine Music family but also friends have contributed their wonderful tracks for this CD. Amongst them are new and exclusive tracks from SINE, Polished Chrome, Tauon, Fade, Sferix and some newcomers in the family like „Silky Waves“ with their beautiful track „Under my skin“ and many more.

„Cosmic Chill Lounge Vol. 7“ is a definite declaration of love to summer and relaxation.

1. Sine – Glittering Water
2. Ambyion – Reaching for the Stars
3. Avocado Combat – The Beach
4. Sferix – Move
5. Gold Lounge feat. Kendra – Flying High
6. Polished Chrome – Bungalow
7. Bryan Milton & Angel Falls – Be with You (Original Mix) 8. Catching Flies – Komorebi
9. Deep Dive Corp. – Water (feat. Dennis le Gree)
10. Silky Wave – Under my skin
11. Tauon – Just fly
12. Firas Tarhini – One of a kind
13. Steely M – You Two
14. Florian Shipke – Viento
15. Thomas Lemmer – A IV
16. Klangstein feat. Sine – Klangsine Part 2 17. Dee C’rell – Sleeping in Dusseldorf
18. Bryan Milton – Infinity (Liquid DnB Mix) 19. Fade-Concinnity
20. Sine – Far away
21. Evadez – The key
22. Lauge & Der Waldläufer – Azure
23. Glint – Tootle Around
24. Normandie – Happy Life (Cosmic Edit) 25. Lemongrass – Mystery Sky
26. Dr. Deep House – Stonewashed