SM0027 Cover

The magic of the quiet side of Ibiza

On the 8th of June, 2012, Sine Music will be releasing a new compilation entitled ‘Calm Ibiza – Edition 2012’ available as high-quality and limited edition Digipak CD and download.

Set aside from the hectic club circuit of Ibiza, ‘Es Vedra’ is a magical rock, a place where mystical powers are sourounded by a peaceful sea that reflects calm souls. ‘Calm Ibiza’, with its soft tapestry of sound and hypnotic beats, provides the perfect soundtrack. Once again ‘Sine Music’ has succeeded in combining the latest tracks from the most prominent contemporary composers and producers in the Chillout and Lounge scene, capturing the peaceful side of Ibiza.

Yet another CD for connoisseurs: just the right thing for those in need of vacation.


01. Fade // Harmologic
02. Gold Lounge // Far Emotions
03. SoulAvenue // Yearn To Love
04. Galimatias // Purple Rain
05. Setsuna // Crystalize
06. OHM-G // Love Train
07. DJ Leon El Ray pres Matthew Adams // Saturday
08. Sunsphere // Beach Wave (Original Mix)
09. Klangstein // Run
10. Sine // Seductive
11. Merge Of Equals // My Everything
12. Polished Chrome // Outside
13. Magic Waves // Wanna Be Far Away
14. Thomas Lemmer // Exhale
15. Enigmatic // After The Rain
16. Ypey // Lazy Day