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SINE is the creative music project of Thomas Hauser. With three albums, numerous EPs, singles, and countless remixes, he has established himself as one of the most active and established artists in his genre. The albums “RUHEPOL,” “TIEFBLAU,” and “EINKLANG” achieved impressive placements in various download and CD charts, and his music is played worldwide on renowned radio stations specializing in chillout and electronic music.

Thomas Hauser’s musical journey began in his childhood with accordion and keyboard lessons, later expanding his repertoire to include the guitar. During his time in various bands of different genres, he early on discovered his passion for solitude in the studio, where the foundations for his later project SINE were laid.

In 1997, he co-founded the production company COSMIC SOUND with his brother Jochen Hauser, which has its own studio and publishing house. Numerous CDs were produced and released here in various genres, and Thomas Hauser was also involved in various chillout projects, releasing them on various labels. With over 400 releases, he can look back on an impressive career.

The inception of SINE occurred in 2008 when Thomas Hauser founded the independent label SINE MUSIC. The EP “CROSS THAT LINE” marked the starting point and garnered attention worldwide in the chillout and ambient scene. The songs from this EP were played on radio stations worldwide and reached placements in relevant charts.

After this successful start, Hauser produced more songs released on various Sine Music compilations. In December 2014, SINE released its first album, “RUHEPOL,” which stayed in the official German chillout charts for over six months and also ranked in the top ten on download stores like iTunes.

In November 2016, the second album, “TIEFBLAU,” was released on CD and as a download. Inspired by SINE’s love for the seas of the world, every note of “TIEFBLAU” reflects the calming and relaxing color of the oceans.

After several singles and remix EPs, SINE released his latest album, “EINKLANG,” at the end of 2022. Featuring 12 tracks ranging from chillout to downtempo and ambient, it is also available in Dolby Atmos for the first time.

In early 2023, his ambient EP “Tiefgang” was released, without beats and with a focus on the guitar. The four melodic ambient tracks invite listeners to relax and dream. SINE’s artistic journey continues, and his music remains a captivating expression of creativity and passion.

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