The main message behind the music in Evadez is …


… that music is one of the most powerful and heartfelt arts.”



Evadez was created by a younger 18 year old Christopher Gray in late 2013. Music has always been a primary role in my life and never failed to get me through the harder times of my life. Living in a small town in the UK where music is rarely able to grow is always hard, however in a way the deserted and desolate landscape of the place where i live in the end spurred me on to create Evadez as i would take inspiration from recording soundscapes of various areas. I have been influenced by most forms of music and in the past produced music over a range of genres
such as metal, rock, electronic, Punk and industrial. However when composing the ambient and orchestral sound of Evadez, i felt a true connection with the music itself and decided to try and express my feelings whether they were sad or happy through the way i composed parts like the piano and string section.
I took a further interest in writing ambient music when i was first introduced to Nine Inch Nail’s front man Trent Reznor’s musical score for the Social Network, and by combining my love for Mozart and various other artists i strive to create ambient music that not only makes me feel certain emotions,
but music that also makes the listener feel a certain way purely by listening to my songs.

The Music:
The first songs that were created for Evadez started their early lives in September 2013 whilst i was experimenting with a lot of newer instruments that i had acquired over the years. The main message behind the music in Evadez is that, music , even just instrumentally is one of the most powerful and heartfelt arts. Each of the songs that have been produced have their own very personal message to me and i tried to manipulate those emotions and experiences
into the music itself. The music for Evadez works on the basis of combing a mixture of elements and instruments that when played together, they create almost a story board of feelings, each soundscape, piano note, synthesizer sound and string section has always been carefully crafted over a matter of time in order to make the end result a true story of its own by just using sound.

The making of the album:
Production of the Fractured album started around November 2013. The songs usually started their lives by just being a simple piano melody or soundscape sequence, which i then manipulated and grew into a fully fledged song. Each song is very personal to me and usually is made of a base of emotions that i felt at the time of its production. Overall if i could say anything about the album it’s that i hope that i helps to make people feel emotions without going through the experience behind the song itself. The base meaning of the album’s title is that i personally have lived on almost a Fractured life for a while, however Evadez and the music behind Evadez has lifted me up to recover from the Fractured way i have spent the last 19 years of my life. I am extremely proud of how the album has come out and overall i can determine that future music from Evadez will become stronger than anything else i have ever produced.

On the 11th March 2016 Evadez released his second album „Fading Point“.You’ll notice it at once: Evadez’ new album sounds more light-footed than his debut album but fragile at the same time, as if happiness could fade away at any second. Through mystic and mantra-like passages Evadez gets you in his very own world. This world has its own sound, combined of fragments that seem inconsistent at first but suddenly make perfect sense. On this album Evadez uses drums on various songs for the first time. The slow beats even increase the spherical effect on the songs.

The third Album by Evadez will be released end of April 2017 and is called Kaleidoscope.