Emotional chill and ambient music


from the UK…



C37 is the stage name of Paul Cudby, a musician and producer from Lake District, UK, who creates chilled and ambient tracks.

Music has been a lifelong passion and creative outlet for Paul, who first began writing and recording original songs with friends at a young age. As a teenager in the 1990s, he joined a heavy rock band and went gigging around the country after signing a record deal. As the band evolved, their tastes shifted away from the raw quality of heavy rock, and into more intricate textures, influenced by iconic groups like Pink Floyd, The Smiths, and The Stone Roses. The rave culture of the era also left an impression on Paul and inspired his growing interest in electronic music.

However, it was not until five years ago that Paul fully embraced electronic music as the optimal medium for conveying his stories and emotions. Though self-taught, Paul is an accomplished multi- instrumentalist with skills in guitar, piano, and various electronic instrumentation. Over time he has honed his own distinctive C37 sound, a fusion of ambient, electronic and acoustic elements with rich, layered textures. The name C37 was coined when Paul began releasing songs four years ago that essentially served as diary entries set to music−conveying feelings of love, heartache, loss and more.

Through this musical project C37, Paul aims to build an emotional connection with his listeners, offering hope and comfort to those in need, and providing a musical landscape which echoes the spectacular views of his Lake District home (he loves to visit favourite beauty spots to spark new instrumental and lyrical ideas). With broad musical influences ranging from bands like Motorpsycho to electronica duo Two Lanes, Paul’s songs derive from emotive piano chord progressions, layered with guitar melodies, ethereal samples and a hypnotic, pulsating beat, to achieve his signature C37 sound.

C37 embodies ambient chill music “written from the heart and never forced,” as Paul mentions – both relaxing and poignant, melodic and heartfelt, modern and innovative.