Evadez is a very young musician indeed. He’ll already be releasing his third album. By the time his first record came out he was only 19 years old.
Three years later: “Kaleidoscope” is change, for the future the plan will be bringing this music to the physical world in an audio visual live show setup, a dream of Evadez’ that he hopes will intrigue people as much as it intrigues him.
The title of this latest release really describes the ideology and vibe of the tracks within it. Blends of musical influences, steady drum beats and progressive layers that lift the songs up to a delicate ending. Drawing influences from Prog, Electro, Glitch and various Ambient backgrounds giving the release a range of tastes in terms of musical genres.
In the past Evadez focused more on textures within the music itself. He felt that as much as he loved the way his project sounded, it still needed to be refined so he could finally start to bring on a new light to this project. “Kaleidoscope is just the beginning of a long journey for myself and my music.”, he sais.
So here’s to the future!